There is only one way to unveil
the potential of a yacht: measuring
and monitoring its performances.

Analyze and identify in quantifiable terms who, what, when, why, how can affect the performances of the yacht and the health status of its systems.

Determine all applicable causes that could explain why the problem occurred. Also identify why the problem was not noticed at the time it occurred. All causes shall be verified or proved, not determined by fuzzy brainstorming

Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so.
Galileo Galilei

Validate our findings thanks to our expertise. Expertise is what allows us to be precise and trustworthy in our work.

The company

We are your point of reference when it comes to tests and trials, analysis, surveys and technical measurements. We find the perfect tools to make the boat match with your expectations.

Sailing performances are made of numbers.

SailADV cared for Azimut Yachts Company a complex analysis of the liquids of some propellers. I decided to choose SailADV because it is renowned in the survey field and after having seen the completeness and precision of their reports. SailADV has a scientific and rigorous approach. Delivery times have always been respected and the availability of the staff is always very appreciated.
READ MORE Massimiliano Amato After Sales & Dealer Performance Manager Azimut Yachts
We came across SailADV on trials of a Benetti 90m, employed by the yard as an independent company to monitor data during the delivery trials. We had requested that the yachts data was logged by an independent company to ensure impartiality in the determination of the contractual performances. Trials were considerable in time and number, and the scope of the work increased over time. I always found Giovanni Palamà and the rest of the team to be organised, motivated, and incredibly efficient at what they did. In addition, they helped to solve a number issues using their own experience and became a valuable member of the team. Indeed much of the detailed information produced for us has been an invaluable data source since this time. 
We have since worked together on a number of yachts, and again we have found the service to be excellent. The service is fast and efficient, producing detailed and focused data, and work extremely well around the busy schedule of trials, and the plethora of personnel on board. Coupled to a great in depth knowledge of many aspects of yachting, which adds valuable experience to any team, I will be certainly be using SailADV again in the future.
READ MORE Simon Burt Director Winterbothams Ltd
Giovanni Palamà was asked to carry out a check on a mast of a historical sailboat the SY CAPRICIA dated 1963, which showed signs of possible rotting that could have bring the mast to the collapse. SailADV carried out coring and analytical analysis that have resulted in the possibility of maintaining the original mast because structurally good, thus saving money and maintaining the historical value of the yacht.
The techniques and tools used by SailADV were fundamental and represented an innovation for the Navy who approached SailADV precisely because they did not have such specific tools available. (The SY CAPRICIA belonged first to a Danish shipowner, then to the Agnelli family until 1993 when it was donated by the Agnelli Foundation to the Navy).
READ MORE Captain Bacchi Italian Navy
Giovanni Palamà made oils check to detect any presence of iron powders or other similar materials to understand if the oils still had performances or had to be changed. SailADV's intervention saved a lot of money because usually the oils were changed every ½ years while the life cycle of the oil is much longer, like this time. By putting specific sensors scattered throughout the boat, a general test was carried out with the boat in navigation to evaluate any vibrations caused by malfunctions or cavitation of the propellers. All consumption and reliability of the instruments were measured to be ready for the charter that would have been requested.
Professionalism, safety and economic savings.
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H-Log is our logging system designed for recording data and yacht events, in order to provide a useful tool for understanding the real systems working parameters and performances. In the meantime the analysis of the logged data could be a powerful tool for predictive maintenance.


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